It’s very hot how Andy has the appearance of a traditional straight laced man, but once I start to query his sexual habits it’s revealed how kinky this horny fucker is! To be more accurate, Andy is the one getting fucked because his biggest turn on his being screwed by a chick with a strap on. Knowing this when I ordered him to spread his arse cheeks it was an even bigger turn on. He’s a rare heterosexual who is completely liberated because he will have sex with both women and women if it gives him pleasure.



Andy is in excellent physical shape and has that hot rugged look. Knowing that he likes to be fucked with a strap on is especially sexy when imagining him on the job as a construction worker. Do the other guys know he has this fetish or is it his dirty secret? Whatever the case when he spreads his arse his hole is pulsing! This fella wants it bad!




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