Did it freak him out when I came up close to admire his big fat dripping cock? I don’t care. I was leaking loads in my pants just watching him wank off while staring at the camera. Made In Italy? Is that a worthy boast? You decide.



This one is a real treat: young kinky Italian stud with soft brown eyes that could melt you and a killer ass. He’s arrived in the country like so many other struggling young hopefuls looking to make his fortune, but he claims not to be interested in the money. That means he’s just a perv looking for creative new ways to get his rocks off – a man after my own heart. Personally, I secretly like to think he came here just to present his cock and balls to me.



I was massively turned on just by the way he said “exzubitionist” and “make fuck”. You don’t want to miss listening to this passionate Italian list off his pervy fantasies. Based on how he doesn’t sound absolutely disgusted by the idea of gay films I’m optimistic I can push him into doing something with a man.


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